Green Movement Series

    On June 23, 2009, a spontaneous mass demonstration erupted in Iran against the officially declared victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in perhaps the most publicly contested presidential election in the history of the Islamic Republic. The following day, the victorious Ahmadinejad staged an official demonstration in support of the declared victory. 

    The day after that, on June 25, Iran witnessed a huge mass rally against the status quo with the slogan of “Where Is My Vote?”, which eventually emerged as the defining moment of an uprising that its supporters by now called the “Green Movement”.  

    The Green Movement progressed apace with mass demonstrations and civil disobedience until February 14, 2010, when its attempt to stage a rally in support of the emerging Arab revolutions was brutally suppressed. 

    The nominal leaders of the uprising were systematically arrested, subjected to kangaroo courts and jailed. But Mir Hossein Mousavi, who became universally recognised as the symbolic leader of the movement, valiantly stood his ground, and in a series of public statements that culminated in the Manshur-e Jonbesh-e Sabz [the Charter of the Green Movement] joined the Iranian people in writing a new chapter in their long and tumultuous struggle for democracy.  



Past , Present & Future Of Iran "Oil & Encaustic on stretched canvas , 6' x 16' ,2015 - 2019

Louis, Gucci & Chanel , Encaustic on Panel, 10" x 2'.6" , 2009

"The power of Love came and I became everlasting power" Oil and Mixed Media on panels 6' x 8' , 2009

The male protestor, Oil on hand-made paper, 23" x 32", 2009

The female protestor, Oil on hand-made paper, 23" x 32", 2009

Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field I will meet you there

  • oil and ink on board , 6′ x 6′, 2020

History Is A mirror Of The Past , 4' x 8' sold

  • oil and sumi ink on board , 4′ x 8′, 2020

If you want light, you must light a fire

  • oil and sumi ink on board , 4′ x 8′, 2020