artists / designers , ferdod haghighi and his wife and business partner karli neale. Collaborate their
unique designs with talented tibetan artisans to produce their designs by ferdod custom rug line. designs
by ferdod sources and incorporates the finest natural & innovative materials available. they support fair
wages for their highly skilled weavers. as well as producing their own collection they also manufacture
and design private label custom rug lines for selective companies throughout the US & Canada. the
company operates out of a historical building in seattle’s art district of pioneer square . A street level
floor of a late 19th century building was purchased and renovated in 2005 by the couple who had moved to
seattle from vancouver bc. canada. “operating as a small boutique style company has allowed us to work
hands on with each custom order that is placed. this is a skill that one needs an abundance of experience to
execute with precise precession. our rugs are not for the mass market. we focus on limited editions and
distinctive pieces for those that look at contemporary design as an art form. We also work directly with
design firms to produce pieces exactly as they desire. many of our interior design and architectural firm
cliental work with us specifically as a high quality producer rather than the limitations of pulling designs
from our collections”



Ferdod haghighi is a passionate painter , designer & second generation rug producer with an
extensive knowledge in fine hand-knotted rugs & textiles. he was raised surrounded by the colorful world of
hand-knotted rugs. his parents established a high-end boutique showroom in west
vancouver, bc. canada in the early 90‘s where ferdod was involved in the family
business. their gallery dealt exclusively in fine antique carpets and custom rugs.
from a young age ferdod has been fascinated by artisan woven rugs. from his
routes in tehran to his travels throughout central asia. designs by ferdod rugs
are exclusively woven using the companies own looms and employed weavers. he
has been commissioned to design rugs for hotels, private universities & residential
projects all over the world. “we are proud to be producing luxurious rugs with
unique and distinctive designs that will hopefully be passed down to future generations”.

Karli Neale is equally as passionate of a rug designer and interior designer.  She brings her own insight and design sensibilities to create the designs by ferdod custom rug line. her designs are fresh while having a dash of old world sophistication. born and raised in Vancouver, bc canada. she creates and designs from her own life’s experiences. “ I was always interested in decorating and have always had a fascination with textiles. at a very young age I would rearrange my room placing each object in what I felt was the perfect setting. like ferdod I feel we are born to design , decorate , paint, create etc… These are not subjects that we can obtain from just being taught. It comes from within…..”